About BEST

We are an outstanding consulting agency, entrenching effective Brand Quality Assurance values in individuals, private and public sector clienteles.
“Our drive is pursuit of Quality that achieves the Best and remains the BEST.”
Founded and incorporated under the corporate governance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
BEST™ is created and registered to handle:

  • Corporate Identity / Brand development
  • Corporate Identity Refresh
  • Corporate Identity Management
  • Advertisement (Internal engagement, External Media- PR, Prints & Digital)
  • HNI Branding (High Network Individual-HNI Profiling and Packaging to optimize individual personal brand equity)
  • Brand Asset Management
  • Unraveling Campaign of Brand Touch Points
  • Brand Strategy & Implementation
  • Project Management, Monitoring  & Evaluation
  • Brand Influencer Campaigns (BIC™)
  • Market Storms
  • Event & Protocol  Management
  • Quality Assurance Institutionalization
  • Brand Quality Checklist Development
  • Analyzed Reporting
  • Maintenance Culture Champion
  • Graphic Designs
  • Service Delivery Excellence
  • Personal Planning
  • Personal Assistant Recruitment